Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Austin Ear Clinic, we offer hearing aids from the world’s top manufacturers. We have a wide variety of hearing aids to offer you so there’s bound to be something to fit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


Widex knows that hearing loss is not simple. Each case and every patient is unique. They carry traditional hearing aids and products designed specifically for tinnitus. Widex has something for everyone. Widex carries the DREAM brand. It’s the most comprehensive hearing technology for people who demand the very best in their hearing aids. DREAM performs well in even the most complex and dynamic listening situations like family dinners, energetic sporting events, or noisy shopping centers. DREAM gives you a rich, well-rounded sound so you can experience the whole world around you.


Some Starkey hearing aids are made for the iPhone and can be connected via the TruLink Hearing Control App. They have a wide variety of styles and options for the hearing impaired user and even have a device designed to relieve tinnitus.


Affiliated with Starkey Hearing Aids, Microtech offers products that connect to the iPhone and has the same wide variety of styles as Starkey does. They even offer hearing amplifiers which are a great start for folks who don’t quite need a hearing aid yet.


Phonak constantly tries to innovate with its products. They’re an industry leader in hearing acoustics and audiological solutions. Phonak’s recent lines of hearing aids are designed to be both dust and water-resistant.


Affiliated with Phonak,  Lyric is designed to be worn 24/7 for months at a time. There’s no daily insertion, removal or battery changes required. Cutting edge technology captures sound from the outside world, amplifying it with minimal processing. They’re 100% invisible and comfortable to wear.


Unitron’s products treat all degrees of hearing loss. Their newest products are designed to provide enough amplification to treat severe impairments.


Siemens released its first hearing instrument over a century ago. They remain at the forefront today of evolving audiological technology with a wide selection of products and styles.


For over 50 years, Rexton has worked with hearing aid professionals to develop a portfolio of hearing aids that are advanced and accessible.  Their hearing aids include sophisticated features designed solely to improve hearing and quality of life.


Oticon is a global company that helped pioneer the hearing industry over a century ago. Now, Oticon is an industry leader and a consistent innovator in the science and technology of hearing. Oticon has a wide variety of products for children and adults. Oticon has delivered many industry firsts and plans to continue to innovate as the years go on.


No two people have exactly the same hearing loss. Small, comfortable and powerful, GN Resound’s hearing aids have sophisticated digital technology  that can be personalized to suit your unique hearing aids.

To get fitted for any of these hearing aids, make an appointment with Austin Ear Clinic. Talk with our audiology department and go through testing so we know what kind of hearing loss you have. We are happy to work with you to help you find the hearing device that best suits your budget, your needs and your desires. Contact us today for an appointment.