Headache Relief

Millions suffer unnecessarily every day with headaches. Obtaining an appointment with a Neurologist can take 3-6 months, and other specialties are limited in their interest in the diagnosis and management of headaches.

Why do most medical professionals show such a lack of interest in treating headaches. There are several reasons for this, but I feel it is mostly that headaches cross many multidiscipline lines from Neurology, ENT, General Medicine, Orthopedic etc. Finding someone who is willing to evaluate and treat your headache on a multidisciplinary approach is unlikely. That is what I do. Patients who see a specialist are evaluated based on what the specialist treats. If it fits within that paradigm, great there may be relief. Second, many patients’ headaches are diagnosed as migraines and treated with medications that may be successful. But most of these medications have unwanted side effects. I have found that many of these “migraines” can be managed and treated successfully and directed at the underlying cause.

At the Austin Ear Clinic, I own your complaint, and will pursue the underlying cause, and tailor treatment that is based on the cause of the headache, not just a myopic view of headaches. If this requires the skills of another specialist, I will do everything possible to facilitate that coordination of care.

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